Garage transformations

One of the areas of the house that can often be neglected, is the garage. Some people treat it as an extra place for storage – others use it to keep cars. Some more creative uses for the garage include a space for a pool table or dart board; we have even known people to convert garages into bedrooms! However, because it is often seen as an external location – used for dirty cars or other motor vehicles, people do not prioritise garage maintenance and decoration as much as other rooms inside the house – such as the lounge or bathroom.

If you have a garage, and are not sure what to do with it, you might just need some inspiration from a team of people who are dedicated to transforming garages around the UK. There are so many unique and practical ways that a garage can be used – some of which you are unlikely to have heard of. One Dollar Box are experts in garage transformations, and have worked with over 1000 homes across the UK in creating something special from their existing garage. We have helped people convert garages for many different purposes, and have seen people choose to convert their garage rather than move home. If done properly, and with care and attention, converting a garage can add thousands of pounds on to the value of your existing property. Here are some of the things that One Dollar Box can transform your garage in to.




So many people complain that they just don’t have time for the gym, or lack the money it costs to join as a member. If this sounds familiar, perhaps you should consider exercising closer to home. The garage makes an excellent place for a gym, as the exterior walls provide a nice cool temperature when you are exercising. You need surprisingly little space to do exercise, meaning gyms can be created from a range of garage shapes and sizes. Furthermore, the cool temperature keeps your water nice and cool – allowing you to rehydrate after exercising. More information is available when you visit


The games room


Homeowners often secretly desire a games room, but never vocalise this wish as they know that there aren’t enough rooms in the house to acquire one for playing games. The garage is perfect for this purpose as you don’t often need a large amount of items to create a gaming environment. Simply add some comfortable chairs or a couch into the garage, and get a TV and games console hooked up. In the winter you might have to think a little more about heating, but a radiator can easily be purchased for relatively cheaply, to solve this dilemma.


Home cinema


Another luxury room, is a home cinema. Once more, many people refuse to say that they want a home cinema because they know there simply isn’t the room for one. The garage makes an excellent space for a home cinema, and the acoustics that are created from a garage environment are completely unique!


One Dollar Box can set you up with top-of-the-range electrical equipment, and sound systems. Why not go the whole hog and install some stylish cabinets and refrigerators to keep some beer or fizzy drinks in too? 


A bedroom


Although this is a less popular choice in the UK, there is no real reason (other than temperature) as to why a garage cannot make an amazing bedroom. It is unlikely that your children’s friends will have a bedroom in the garage, so they will love feeling unique and individual with their bedroom there! What’s more: many children love to pretend that they have moved out when their bedroom is in the garage as they feel like they physically leave the house to go to bed. If you are struggling for bedroom space and desperately want to add another one to the house, the garage can provide a great solution.


A casino-style bar


No home is complete without a quirky room in which to entertain guests! One Dollar Box have converted many garages into casino-style bars, adding roulette tables, poker tables, even arcade machines into converted garages. Alternatively, you could add different types of items such as dart boards or snooker tables into your converted garage, so that entertaining becomes even more fun.


Whatever items you choose to add in to your casino-style garage, One Dollar Box can accommodate your needs. We love to install bars and drinks cabinets into garages, and the faces of the garage owners when they realise what they have used their garage for is priceless! This option is sure to be a hit with friends and family members alike.


One Dollar Box have worked with many homeowners, transforming garages into a wide range of additional rooms for houses. If you want some help re-designing a garage (or have recently bought a house and are unsure of what you want to do with the garage), contact us today and we can provide you with some inspirational ideas.

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